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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is found in all societies and affects millions of men throughout the world. Clinical breakthroughs in urological medicine—such as the introduction of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, including sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra)—undoubtedly helped a significant number of these men; for many patients, unfortunately, ED persists even with the use of these drugs. A universal solution to ED remains out of reach. Nevertheless, we state categorically that the most viable solution for a majority of ED patients is available in the form of microsurgeries.

We have developed and performed over 3,000 cases of penile venous stripping surgery since June 1986—both with and without venous grafting for morphologic correction—under local anesthesia and on a true outpatient basis, without exception. In fact, we are able to complete this operation in less than 6 hours. Both penile prosthesis implants (which we have performed on 201 patients) and curvature correction procedures (which we have performed on 736 patients) can be completed in a similar time frame. As a result, patients are able to receive treatment on impotence and enjoy sightseeing during the same period.

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If you are a urologist, vascular surgeon or plastic surgeon with a good command of microsurgical techniques, or someone interested in this field, we cordially invite you to attend and observe any number of these operations. We offer a fully equipped laboratory staffed by a team of professionals trained in microsurgery.

In practice exercises for microsurgery, we recommend using a fresh leaf, surgical gloves, and live rats. The testicular auto-transplantation of a rat is the most difficult phase because of the coman’s anatomical complexity and the tiny size of the tissue. It is, however, an excellent coman for psychological tolerance and for tissue-layer recognition, and it is highly useful practice for performing surgery on an actual patient, since the surgeon, accustomed as he is to the rat`s minuscule anatomy, ought to be comfortable operating on tissue several times larger.

We reiterate our desire for colleague urologists and surgeons to examine our operations; we are able to carry out a live surgery video conference in which magnification for several times is feasible.

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Invitation chapters from the Academic Press, Elsevier

Dr. Hsu and colleagues have authored five chapters in the Encyclopedia of Reproduction. The chapters, titled "Penile structure," "Penile structure: Erections," "Erection abnormality," "Penile endocrinology," and "Penile vascular surgery for erectile dysfunction," can by downloaded by clicking here.